Let me introduce myself

Hi there! My name is Kasi Drummer, I am a self taught home cook and I got tired of being so tired all the time. I’m here to change up the “diet” game.

My backstory is a little complicated. I had a very picky palette growing up, my twin sister and I would only want was mac n’ cheese, chicken nuggets, beef stew out of the can and buttered noodles. That’s it. My older sister to THIS DAY, brings up the fact that she never got to pick any actually good food growing up. Not that mac n’ cheese isn’t delicious, but let’s call spade a spade here, that’s cardboard crap. I would like to say that my food palette expanded as a went into middle school and high school, but the highlight of my day was lunch so I could get mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets with that delicious white gravy all over it with a bun on the side. It was ritual. I did have Subway, McDonald’s and Chik-fil-A in my lunch too, mind you. I did have the money for that, but there’s nothing like a whole heaping pile of carbs to make this little lady happy. I was like a black hole though. I could consume the whole planet and never gain any weight. My family and friends lovingly bestowed a clever name upon me due to my obvious small stature, skinny minnie. On the bright side, I did receive a very descriptive nickname that no one would ask me the background for. It was simple and straight to the point.

When I moved out of my parents house at 17, I was so broke and I didn’t know that I could eat healthy on a budget at that young and inexperienced age, I continued that lifestyle, in addition to eating Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and crackers every day for my lunch. Again, more carbs on top of carbs.

Go into the future to the ripe old age of 24, and I’m in the fetal position after eating some fried chicken and I think I’m about to die. My boyfriend at the time takes me to urgent care while I am running through lists of things that could be going on: diverticulitis, my appendix decided to betray me, poison, is this cancer, it could be cancer!! The doctors get my dicyclomine prescription and sent me on my way with instructions to watch what I eat.

I started writing notes about what I would eat in my phone on an amazing app called mySymptoms Food Diary and Symptom Tracker. I’ll talk more about that app in another post if anyone is interested. I started showing more pain and incredible about of bloating around greasy and processed foods but the pain was still there with those thing eliminated. Next, I found that I bloated more when I ate gluten, so I cut that out. My gut started feeling better and the bloating wasn’t so bad in comparison to how it was before. My next step was to get back into the gym, and boy did that take away even more bloating.

I would like to tell you that intense switch from eating whatever I wanted to watching out for everything I put in my body wasn’t a huge struggle. I was depressed for the first year. I was eating bland and boring foods. I couldn’t eat what I really loved, pasta. I had to eat tons more fruits and vegetables, which at the time was a HUGE adjustment. I couldn’t eat out anymore because of the huge laundry list of things that I can’t eat now. I had to start figuring out how to cook, this was very difficult for me. I was the type of lady that someone burnt the bottom of a crock pot, well not so much burnt…more like melted the whole bottom out and onto my rental apartment counter top. I learned a lot of new lessons that day.

Fast forward to today, four years later, I am feeling better, I have more energy, more confidence, more opportunities at work because I don’t have to miss work because of the pain I was in. I go to the gym 5 days a week for 2 hours a day, I only eat whole foods, mainly vegetarian with fish every once in a while. I am completely gluten-free and sugar-free and low carb. I have energy to go out on my longboard for hours and I can actually live my life again.

This blog is for everyone. If I can go from exclusively eating heat-em-ups to only using whole, raw, uncut and uncooked food, then you can do anything. I want to share my knowledge I have gained since going on this healthy lifestyle starting with planning your grocery shopping, where the best deals are, my personal recipes that are so healthy and so delicious, to finding Pinterest recipes and changing it to be better for you, and I will show you what to eat at a restaurant to remain on plan. This isn’t a diet, this is a lifestyle that you will love.

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